Miracle Strives To Provide Superior Service , Wherever You Need It.


Services at Miracle start by having one of our Nurses coming into your home and reviewing your needs through discussions with the client and all involved family members. When necessary we consult with the Physician(s), Social workers, hospitals, or Nursing home staff.

Next we put together a personalized program together in total conjunction with the family to fulfill the client’s daily needs. We go to our database find more than one possible caregiver that fits into your program and we let the family have the last word on the person that comes into their home.

When your Miracle caregiver has been chosen and been placed in the home we continue our personalized contact through telephone check-ins, Owner visits, and through mail. Most importantly we continually communicate with the caregiver who is providing care to you.


Our health care providers can help patients with bathing, grooming, and dressing, as well as hair and nail care. Bed changing, assistance with prescribed exercise programs and ambulation, and the checking of vital signs are other services provided in the home. Caretakers can also help with light meal preparation and feeding.

Fees and Insurance

We accept direct payment from insurance companies, and can also assist patients in completing and filing claims with their commercial insurers for payment of services rendered by our agency. Patients without medical benefits can receive services through an individualized sliding scale payment plan. Under special circumstances and on an "as needed basis," charitable care may be available for a short duration of time. (Charitable care is limited to available resources of the agency.)